Saxenda Pre-filled Pen (Liraglutide) Weight Loss Injection 6mg/ml


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Saxenda (Liraglutide) Weight Loss Injection come with 3 pens.

Saxenda is a weight loss medicine that contains the active ingredient Liraglutide.

Saxenda contains Liraglutide used in the management of weight loss, it is very popular and has proven to reduce weight in obese patients.

One a Day Injection Pen to help aid weight loss works in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet & exercise.

Saxenda is a weight-loss treatment which can help adults to lose weight when used alongside a lower-calorie diet and exercise routine.

If you are finding it difficult to lose weight and keep it off, Saxenda weight loss injections may be right for you.

They help you to feel fuller, which may help you to eat less and reduce your calorie intake, which leads to losing weight and may help you to keep it off.

The liraglutide in Saxenda mimics a naturally occurring hormone called GLP-1, which is released by our intestines after a meal to let the brain know that the body is full.

By replicating this process, Saxenda tells the brain not to eat anymore, allowing the person taking it to feel satisfied after eating less food and so reduce their body weight.


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