Adelphi Test-Deca 400


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  • Testosterone Enanthate 120mg
  • Testosterone Cypionate 120mg
  • Nandrolone Decanoate 160mg

Adelphi Research Test-Deca 400 has unique blend for an explosive high quality mass and strength gains. It provides solid muscle and strength while bulking.

One of the most used steroids used by bodybuilders is nandrolone decanoate. Test-Deca 400 is a mild androgenic steroid with a strong anabolic effect is nandrolone decanoate.

In large doses, it will aromatize but not at the same as testosterone. Few people do struggle with the adverse effect of progesterone accumulation.

Twice-weekly Nandrolone Decanoate injections are frequently found to be more than enough by bodybuilders to maintain constant blood levels.

Due to how long Nandrolone Decanoate stays in the bloodstream.

Adelphi Test-Deca 400 helps with substantial increase in muscular mass. With only few drawbacks.

Single steroid cycle can successfully add 8 kg of muscle gain.

Help with Improved joint mobility due to stimulation of joint fluid production.

Deca enhances the delivery of oxygen to muscular tissues, increasing endurance.

Helps to increase number of red blood cells.



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